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Raining Men Series

Every Monday I will have a post specific and geared toward men...Today is a bit of education on shaving, the simplicities of a man, and a personal story.

Hello Gents(or the ladies of Gents)

First off Men lead very easy going and routined lives.They have the same barber for decades.The same friend since sandbox days.Even their perception and needs of a relationship are pretty simple.And for that reason their skin care routines are usually simple.A few years ago when I first met my Beau he was washing his face with bar soap and shampoo!!!! When I asked why he said it was the closest thing next to him in the shower. I cringe every time I look back on it..and I'll tell you why.

Have you noticed that after even using bar soap on the body it feels tight and dry?..Some may say that's the squeaky clean feel but you should never want squeaky clean skin.Healthy skin is moist and hydrated and without hydration acne conditions and sensitivity will occur and become irritated.

Bar soaps are bound together by alkaline properties and these are a no no for skin...especially facial skin. Why?Anything alkaline will strip the skin and its acid mantle of natural oils and water.In result causing automatic dehydration to the skin.And if you didn't know many shampoos are made with sulfates that strip the hair of oil...Now imagine what it was doing to his skin!?

A mans skin routine needs to be as straight to the point and simple as possible.Baby steps are key! I started him off with a cleanser and then worked him into moisturizing.(You should never overload the skin with new products.Most likely it will go crazy and you won't know which product was the culprit.)

Now he is using the Aveda Enbrightenment cleanser and moisturizer. These together brightens,hydrates ,and purifies his skin.It has a bit of Salicylic acid in it to help keep blemishes at bay.His skin is looking great!A while ago I borrowed the cleanser from him and after a few days he noticed the difference right away!He began complaining about his skin and i could see the difference too!I felt bad and gave it back. Soon I will be adding exfoliating toner pads .Now that's a pretty simple 3 step skin regimen.Im sure he can handle it ;-)

Now back on topic!

Raining Men Mondays first order of business is making sure he knows how to shave. (1)ALWAYS go with the direction that the hair is growing.Yes you may get a closer shave when going opposite but this will cause bleeding and ingrown hairs!

(2)Change/Clean razors and the blades of the clippers frequently..Dull and dirty blades are the way to go if you want a ingrown and razor burn.You should not go more than 2 weeks without changing your razors or cleaning your clippers. If the blade is dull....TOSS IT !

(3)Prepping the skin is so important .Make sure the skin is lubricated before and after.Especially before shaving.This will soften the hair and ensure smooth sailing!

(4)Your blades should always be in good conditions.If they aren't you will have the tendency to go harder at shaving.Yes men have thicker skin and thicker skulls than women but PLEASE remember you are taking at least one layer of skin off when shaving .Take it easy. Especially if its sharp!

I hope I helped someone out there!

I will have a post about treating ingrowns soon.My daily postings aren't just for women .The postings are educational for men too!

Be Well Thanking for taking the time to read

Amanda Gardner Licensed Skin Therapist

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