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Get The Bump Out of HERE!

Today we will be discussing INGROWN HAIRS!!

Ingrown hair also known as razor bumps can be very painful and unsightly.It causes scarring, swelling, redness and darkening of the skin.They result when shaved/waxed hair gets trapped inside the follicle or grows back into the skin. 'It can cause scarring, redness and swelling ( medical term is Pseudofolliculitis Barbae or PFB)'.Men tend to get them in their beard and neck. This is how you can prevent them and keep them away!

TREAT IT w/Active Ingredients Please do not use anything alcohol based.It will dry it out and cause the pore to close. Hands down Salicylic acid is the one active substance that can visibly improve razor bumps. 'It is a dermatological-grade ingredient that exfoliates, moisturizes, clears pores and can help prevent infectio. There are many product lines that carry it. (Salicylic Acid is also Great for acne).Witch hazel is also a great and non abrasive substance to use on ingrown hairs.It will reduce swelling and redness!

EXFOLIATE When the skin is covered with dead skin cells,it could be very hard to tackle ingrown hairs. Once again using a chemical exfoliant ,such as Salicylic acid will help.Also using a mechanical exfoliator(with beads) will help to sloth off the dead skin cells;giving the ingrowns a chance to breathe. Men pay attention to your beard area when washing your face.Massage the skin lightly.Remember there is skin under there too!!


Refer to last weeks Raining Men Series

Do not attempt to tweeze it out!!!! It may make it worse, especially if you have no idea what your doing!However if you can't help yourself...Only tweeze one end of the hair and let it heal.

I hope this helped someone..Ladies this information goes for you too!

Be Well, Amanda Gardner Licensed Skin Therapist

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