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We love them but unless your child is receiving a treatment and for their safety we ask that you not bring them with you to your appointment. Unfortunately we cannot assure their safety in a professional environment. In conclusion, for  safety reasons and insurance purposes, no child under the age of 13 may accompany you. YOUR UNDERSTANDING IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.




You will receive a call the night before your appointment to confirm & for your contactless payment. Any cancellations day of must pay $25 at the next appointment date. However your full deposit willroll

over to your next appointment. After a second cancellation you will lose your in full  deposit that you paid the night before the original appointment date. 


Please utilize our secure booking system to cancel your existing appointment. It is one...two...three...  Log into your account, go to upcoming appointments, click the X, and cancel your appointment. Calling the DreamDolls phone does not guarantee that your appointment will be canceled in time. You can also reschedule through the DreamDolls booking system. You have access to cancel, make appointments or reschedule your appointment 24/7.




 If you do not show for an appointment you will be charged 100% of your service amount. Please be considerate of your esthetician and of other clientele. DreamDolls does have a waitlist and plenty of clients who would love for an appointment to open up.If you do not call within 10 minutes of being late the booking system will automatically mark and charge you as a NO-Show.

Your credit card will be charged immediate. If your card is declined it must be paid  prior to future appointments.


Traffic! There will always be traffic. If you are 3-9 minutes late there is a chance we can still take you in. However, we do not make any promises. Please keep in mind that there are other clients after your appointment too. Everyone is granted a 10min grace period. If you arrive after this time you will be rescheduled and charged the late cancellation fee. If you do not call to inform us within your 10 min grace period that you are late you will be charged and marked as a No-Show.Texing or calling that you are parking after your grace period is over is not acceptable. Please note you will be still rescheduled.


If you attempt to book and  receive the "There are no services with this availablity" message, this means we are booked to capacity. You can book for another day or send a text to the business phone 8:00am-10:30am requesting to be contacted if anything opens. You will recieve a phone call if something opens Doll.



Please utilize the DreamDolls Booking System. However for appointment day and communication DreamDolls number is (516-500-7901). Please allow us up to 24 hrs to respond to messages received after business hours. Keep in mind making and canceling appointments is not done over the phone.


DreamDolls uses the most advanced booking system and the most convenient way for you to view ALL openings and availability.That’s because 1 out of 3 online appointments are booked after traditional business hours. With online booking customers can book appointments 24/7. You are able to reschedule, rebook, view service descriptions, purchase gift cards and even cancel existing appointments at your own convenience.


If there is no availability for the services that you need, please check for the closest availability on a different day. DreamDolls does have a business number for confirmation calls and a number for you to notify your service provider if you are running late. We do book appoints via the business phone.

Thank you for your understanding.
We appreciate your business and you respecting

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