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  Take a load off, prepare to be swept off your feet and enjoy a little you time. All signature treatments

include hand, arm, neck,and shoulder massage. Aroma infused warm towels are provided for the feet to soothe tension and relieve stress. Say goodbye to stress and put your best face forward!


Your skin treatment involves a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, masque, and lots facial massage. Based on your skin analysis one out of the five Signature Facials will be selected for your treatment. High frequency is also included in all signature facials. The Signature Facials come highly recommended and are listed below at the bottom.

Approximate Treatment time 60 min

DreamDolls Signature Facial $89

Many Dolls may at some point in life experience some clogged pores and breakouts on their back, especially during those summer months when we tend to sweat alot. A Back Facial treatment will cleanse, exfoliate, treat congestion, brighten and smooth the skin. Back Facials are great for treating those hard to reach areas.


Approximate Treatment time 45 min

DreamDolls Back Facials


   Peels+ BOOSTERS

DreamDolls Lunch-Time Peel $65

The DreamDolls Lunch Time Peels  are superficial yet effective Chemical Peels that exfoliate, smooth, and brightens the skin. There is no down time required and can even be done on your "Lunch Break"; hence the name. It includes cleansing, minor extractions, masque and shoulder massage. These peels also make great Boosters* for the Signature Facials. A booster is when a small amount of acid is added to an enzyme and is placed on the skin for 5 minutes . Booster-$15


  (Peels are best performed in a series of 4-6 treatments  spaced 1 week apart)


20% Lactic Peel

Lactic is a milk-based ingredient great for brightening, hydrating, and exfoliating in a gentle manner. The lactic Peel ingredients include a combination of 20% lactic, 5% Alpha-Arbutin, and 3% Kojic. These powerful lighteners create a superb lightening treatment. *Please see FAQ Page for Ingredient Descriptions*


Perfect for Dry, Hyperpigmented, or skin with Melasma.                    

  Great Booster* for the Lemon Zest Facial

30% GlycolicPeel

Glycolic Acid dissolves and reduces oil for an efficient exfoliation. The above treats mild to moderate acne, minimizes pore size*, and decongest the skin. The ingredients include 30% Glycolic Acid and Witch Hazel. *Please see FAQ Page for Ingredient Descriptions*


Perfect for Acneic, Congested, and Oily Skin


DreamDolls Dermafiling $25

The DreamDolls Dermafiling System is comparable and rated just as effective as microdermabrasion. A Dermafile TM is a skin polishing and resurfacing tool that is made of stainless steel, and finely crushed diamonds. Dermafile is a safe, natural, holistic alternative to microdermabrasion.  This tool will lightly polish the skin, remove the top layer of dead skin, and  leaves the skin velvety smooth, fresh, and rejuvenated. The tool can be used on any area of the body, including  elbows and knees.

  • It smooths rough, dry, and calloused skin.

  • Skin feels silky smooth and clean!

  • Helps Makeup go on smoother.

  • Helps to remove sun damage and Hyperpigmentation.


Dermafiling is also perfect for Sun Damaged Skin, Scars, Acne Scarring, Hyperpigmented Skin, Stretch Marks, Fine Lines, and Enlarged Pores. 


 Can be added to any facial treatment 

 *Please see FAQ page for Pre/Post Instructions and Contradictions*

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