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         At DreamDolls Wax&Glow Bar we use the state of the art Candela Gentle Laser that combines the power you need with speed and comfort you can trust, no matter what your skin type!

    Gentle is the laser hair removal treatment that's safe and effective for all skin types! It's powerful enough to deliver great results, and with its patented Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM and fast treatment times, it's the most comfortable laser hair removal available.   

We have payment plans and discounted series packages!!!

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                                                     Laser Brazilian


                                                      (Single Session)



                                                     Laser Underarm


                                                     (Single Session)



                                                     Laser Full Legs


                                                      (Single Session)



                                                      Laser Full Face 

                                                  $125 (Single Session)


                                                      Laser Small Area

                                                    $89 (Single Session)

                       (Choose From:  Chin/Neck, Lip, Sideburns, Facial Cheek,

     Between Brows, Toes, Foot, Areola, knuckles, Knees, Stomach strip, Underarm)


                                                     Laser Medium Area

                                                     $139 (Single Session)

                     (Choose From: 1/2 back (upper or lower), Full Stomach , Butt Cheeks

                              1/2 arm (upper or lower) , lower leg (knees not included) 


                                                       Laser Large Area

                                                       $249 (Single Session)

                    (Choose From: 3/4 of Leg (Lower or upper) Full Back, Full Arm,Full Stomach)




                                                  Book your consultation Now!!!

                  Payment Plans & Discounted Pay Up Front Packages Are Available



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